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skype: avn.hydraulic 

Control valve (two drains, right)

The hydrodistributor Р100 is intended:

- to supply the flow of the working fluid injected by the hydraulic pump to the actuators (power hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic engines) with different speeds;
- to protect the hydraulic system from overload;
- for unloading the system at idle (neutral position of spools) by overflowing the working fluid from the pump to the tank;
- to ensure a fixed upper position of the rod loaded hydraulic cylinder (transport position of the working body);
- to supply the flow of working fluid from 2 pumps of different capacities to the actuator.


Type of distributor Valve-spool, monoblock
Spool type open center
Number of spools 3
Spool control hand
Number of spool positions "Neutral", "Rise", "Lowering"
Hydrovalve, pcs. safety - 1
Unloading through spool
Fluid flow rate, l/min

nominal - 100

Inlet pressure, maximum MPa

nominal - 16

maximum - 20

Conditional pass, mm  20
Pressure setting pressure relief valve, MPa  10...20
Effort of movement of a spool distributor, directly without drive, N  no more 600
Distributor weight, kg  20
Price: 4000.00 грн.
Weight: 20 Kg
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