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Hydraulic control valve Р160-3/1-222

It serves to control the main and remote hydraulic cylinders limiting the maximum pressure in the system during overloads, as well as to automatically transfer the pump to idle speed with disconnection of consumers in systems of agricultural tractors K-700 and their modifications.


Type of control valve Valve-spool, monoblock
Spool type With closed center, balanced from the ends
Number of spools 3
Spool diameter, mm 32
Number of pressure lines 2
Spool positions "Floating", "Lifting", "Neutral", "Forced lowering"
Fixation of spools in the positions "Lifting" and "Lowering forced", "Floating" Using ball retainer
Return from the “Lifting” and “Lowering forced” positions Automatically (upon reaching the set pressure)
Return from the position "Floating" by hand
Type of safety overflow valve Differential, with servode
Maximum pressure, MPa 19,0
Mass of distributor 38
Price: 4000.00 грн.
Weight: 37 Kg
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