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Control valve РC25.20-20-2х01

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Control valve РC25.20-20-2х01
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The model is РС25.20. It is a block consisting of separate sections of different purpose, assembled with tie rods (bolts).

Depending on the purpose of the sections, it has the following major modifications (as applied to loaders ОАО "Амкодор" и ЗАО "Орел-Погрузчик").


Manual valve-operated sectional spool valve can have different versions depending on the number and types of sections.

The execution of the hydrodistributor is determined by its full symbol.

In the symbol of the hydraulic distributor, the designation of the sections is indicated in the order of their installation, starting with the pressure one.

When installing several identical working sections in a row, before the designation of sections a number indicates their number.

The symbol for sectional hydraulic distributors is constructed according to the following scheme:

rs 2520 l t 1

An example of a symbol for a hydraulic distributor, consisting of a pressure section 20. two operating sections 01, one intermediate section 10.4, one working section 07 and a discharge section 30: a hydraulic distributor РС25.20-20-2x01-10.4-07-30 02.


Section type and characteristics Section legend
1 Pressure head, with hydrovalves:  
  reverse and safety indirect action 20
  reverse 20.1
  reverse and safety 20.2
  remote control 20.3
2 Working, three-position with two bolted outlets, the hydroline from the pump is connected to the tank at the neutral position of the spool:  
а) the spool has an automatic fixation in the neutral position and spring return from the working positions:  
  without safety valve block 01
  with safety hydraulic valve block 05
  with the block of safety and reverse hydraulic valves 05.4
  with taps to control hydraulic brakes 06
  with taps to control hydraulic brakes  
  and safety valve block 07
b) the spool has a forced fixation in all three positions:  
  without safety valve block 01.1
  with blocks of safety hydraulic valves 05.1
  with taps to control hydraulic brakes 06.1
  with taps to control hydraulic brakes  
  and safety valve block 07.1
3 Working, four-position with forced fixation of the spool in all four positions 02.1
4 Intermediate:  
  with reverse hydrovalve for alternately performing two operations 10.2
  with reverse hydrovalve to combine the two streams 10.3
  with three inverse hydraulic valves 10.4
5 Drain:  
  basic modification 30
  for connecting two control valves in series 30.1
Price: 15000.00 грн.
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