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Hydraulic control valve PХ-346 (sectional)

Application: garbage trucks KO-33, KO-50, KO-413, KO-415, KO-424, KO-429, KO-431, KO-440, МС-91, МКЗ, MKM, cranes, manipulators (Maikop), a / g Д3-122, 143, 180, bunker carrier KO-45O, utility equipment.

Weight: depends on the number of sections

The hydraulic distributor РХ-346 serves to start, stop and direct the movement of the working fluid between the pressure flow generators (hydraulic pumps), pressure flow consumers (hydraulic cylinders, etc.)

Parameter name Signification

Inlet pressure, MPa:

- nominal

- maximum

- minimum




Fluid flow rate, l / min: 60
Maximum internal leakage through the gaps of the spool from the working cavity at the neutral position of the spool, cm3 / min, not more than 18

Number of working sections:

- maximum

- minimum



The force required to move the slide from the neutral position to the working position, N, not more 200
Slide stroke, mm: 7

Ambient temperature, С:

- maximum

- minimal



Characteristics of the working fluid:

kinematic viscosity, mm2 / s .:

- minimal

- maximum



temperature, C:

- maximum

- minimal



cleanliness class, not coarser  13
nominal filtration, microns 25


The PX-346 hydraulic distributor is a manual sectioned distributor. In the production of valves there are options with parallel and sequential distribution of the working fluid. Up to 11 sections can be built into the package.


The distributor is attached to the installation location 4 (four) M8 bolts. On distributors with the letters "Ж" all connecting holes have M18x1.5 thread, with letters "K" - on covers are M27x2 thread, on sections - M22x1.5.

The designation of the valve:

PX 346-4 / Bн1 / C1 / C1 / 3 / M

means the hydraulic distributor type PX 346 initial value "4", unidirectional section "BН" with centering plunger "1", two sections bidirectional "C" with centering plunger "1" and side cover code "3". All connecting holes c metric thread column "M".

РХ 346 - 1 / К 8 / К 8 / К 8 / К 8 / К 8/1/6 / Y

means the hydraulic distributor of the PX 346 type with the initial distribution with the lid "1", five sections of the double number "K" with the centering plunger code "8" and the ending "1". All connecting holes with threaded column "G" and plunger control code "Y"

1- connecting elements (stud, washer, nut)

2- pressure section

3, 4 - working section (reverse)

5 - end section (drain)

Price: 3000.00 грн.
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