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Hydraulic control valve Р80-3/1-222


Designed to distribute the flow and control the pressure of the working fluid in the hydraulic systems of machines with pumps with a capacity from 20 to 100 l / min.

Applicability - ЭО-2621/2101/2301, ДЭТ-250/320

Specifications :

Type of valve Valve-spool, monoblock
Spool type closed-center, balanced from ends
Number of spools 3
Spool diameter, mm 25
Spool positions "Rise", "Neutral", "Lowering compulsory" "Floating" (in the lower position)
Installation of spools in the "Rise" and "Lowering forced" positions by hand
Return from the "Rise" and "Lowering forced" positions automatically (after removing the hand from the control handle)
Type of safety overflow valve differential with servo
Maximum pressure, MPa 20
Distributor weight, kg 16

Interpretation of symbols on the distributor:

Р Control valve (Распределитель)
80 Rated flow rate (l / min)
3 Pressure version: Рном = 16MPa; Pmax = 20MPa
1 Design - for independent work in the hydraulic system
222 Three spools (4-position) 2nd type:
Lifting with fixation and auto return to the neutral position upon reaching the specified pressure
Neutral position
Lowering with fixation and auto return to a neutral position upon reaching the specified pressure
Floating with fixation
Price: 2000.00 грн.
Weight: 16 Kg
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