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Repair of gear pumps

The main malfunction of the gear pump

Wear of the walls and bottom of the casing wells, the ends of the gears and the axle surfaces, the bushing holes for the trunnions, the chipping of the edges of the pump cover flanges under the sealing gland, the wear of the cover plane.

Gear Pump Repair

A pump is disassembled and repaired if it has a volumetric efficiency less than 0.6 (after replacing seals). To properly monitor this indicator, it is necessary to distinguish between the designations of hydraulic pumps. In the markings НШ-10Д, НШ-32 and НШ-46У, the figure corresponds to the theoretical performance of the new pump in cubic centimeters per revolution of gears. The letters Д,УY after the numbers indicate the model of the pump. The direction of the leading gear wheel is shown on the pump plate with the letter L (left) or R (right), but most often they do not denote.