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About Us


The AVN Hydraulic enterprise began its career in 2000 in the city of Melitopol, Zaporizhia region, Ukraine. Since 2015, the company has been operating on the market under the AVN Hydraulic trademark.

The main focus of our company is the production of monoblock and sectional hydraulic distributors. Today, the company AVN Hydraulic LLC produces a model range of monoblock hydra distributors of the type: P80, P100, P160, P200, we also mastered the production of hydraulic distributors of the PC25.20 series.

The use of modern equipment and qualified professionals gives us the opportunity to rightly produce high-quality and reliable products.

The equipment allows to obtain products with high precision fur processing. Over the years, the quality of the products of our company is the main priority in the production of hydroelectric complexes. This is achieved through innovative implementations, experienced and friendly team.

Vast experience of management and staff, constant work with customers, as a result, allows to satisfy customer needs to the maximum and helps to increase their competitiveness in product markets. 

Our main value is our Clients.

Our main achievement is long-term and partnership relations with our Clients.

Our main goal is to ensure reliability and quality in working with our Clients and partners.

Our pride is not a separate service or product, it is a failsafe business development system for our Clients and Partners.

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Our address:

72318 Ukraine
Zaporozhye region 
Melitipol city
Chkalova street, 1/1

Our phone numbers: 

+38 (098) 9988288 office
+38 (06192) 53746 office

 Manager Anastasia
+38 (098) 99-88-288 
+38 (066) 82-13-588
+38 (096) 12-01-019 


Repair of control valves

Our company also carries out repairs of all types of valves and manufacturers (imported and domestic), such as:

  • Vickers
  • Rexroth 
  • Diplomatik 
  • Seehavsen
  • Caproni 
  • Bosch 
  • Seehavsen
  • РХ (Bulgaria) and many others

What can we offer?
High quality of repair of hydrodistributors.
A wide range of components (body, cover, valve, rubber, manufacturing a new valve)
All work is performed on modern equipment by highly qualified specialists.
an individual approach to clients, for all works the guarantee is given.







Repair of dosing pumps

Our company is repairing hydraulic steering (metering pumps).
We carry out overhauls and routine repairs of hydraulic drills and metering pumps for tractors, bulldozers, excavators, autoloaders, pipelayers, asphalt pavers, agricultural and forestry equipment.

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Repair of gear pumps

The main malfunction of the gear pump

Wear of the walls and bottom of the casing wells, the ends of the gears and the axle surfaces, the bushing holes for the trunnions, the chipping of the edges of the pump cover flanges under the sealing gland, the wear of the cover plane.

Gear Pump Repair

A pump is disassembled and repaired if it has a volumetric efficiency less than 0.6 (after replacing seals). To properly monitor this indicator, it is necessary to distinguish between the designations of hydraulic pumps. In the markings НШ-10Д, НШ-32 and НШ-46У, the figure corresponds to the theoretical performance of the new pump in cubic centimeters per revolution of gears. The letters Д,УY after the numbers indicate the model of the pump. The direction of the leading gear wheel is shown on the pump plate with the letter L (left) or R (right), but most often they do not denote.

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